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Senior Technical Systems Designer

I'm Glenn, a Game Designer with 15+ years' experience and a background in AAA Entertainment. I support teams as a deep technical systems resource, and coordinate best design practices with disciplines like art and story.

I apply technical skill to tasks with structured thinking, goal-oriented design and evaluable frameworks, while leaving some room to be a creative "yes, and..." team contributor. Players deserve to have expectations exceeded.

My leadership includes 8+ years helping others by mentoring and teaching. When I see a game feature, state or player experience in the wild and apply design thinking, I've publicly posted "fan design work" like Let's Talk BOTS!
Rigor is my jam

Fortnite UX Design Course for Epic Games (2023)

I led the development of an 18-week UX Design course, including 6 weeks of foundational UX Design training, then 6 weeks of practical Unreal UX/UI projects with heavy Blueprint code, including gameplay, materials, sounds, animation and VFX.

A portion of one of my gigs, mentoring Game Design for CG Spectrum, includes developing new courses and revising existing ones. Epic Games has hired CGS to develop a training course for UX Design that is Fortnite-specific. The goal is a course that progresses through the technical development of UI while always referring to best practices of UX Design theory. Weaving a progression of assignments and challenges is much the same as gameplay progression we challenge players with as they learn the game.
  • UX Design Best Practices
  • Unreal Engine-specific
  • Fortnite-specific
  • Epic!
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Ascending Virtue (2022)

I developed an enemy combat A.I. class structure for 20+ creatures, NPCs and bosses. I also engineered systems and overall architecture while teaching game design best practices during development of this ambitious retro-looking 2D action game.

NYFA Students in my game design and game studio courses build a game from scratch to polish in 15 weeks. This was a first-semester group of talented young designers, and I got to pick my favorite area to work on: enemy A.I. and bosses.
  • 20+ Enemy Combat A.I.
  • 5 Boss Battle Routines
  • Technical Design Instruction
  • Wild Adventure!


Proof Theory (2021)

I created a sophisticated FPS combat A.I. in the vein of Resistance: Fall of Man's Chimera Hybrids, including cover behavior and a custom pathing system (not A*). I needed to add to my portfolio, and on the very good advice from AAA studio friends, I took this A.I. and put together a large story-based stealth action adventure.

When I say "scratch-made", I mean it: all systems, all enemy classes, an original puzzle hacking system, and all the chunky white/grey box levels. VFX and SFX added because I couldn't help it.
  • Built All Systems
  • 5 Level Adventure
  • 1hr+ FPS Gameplay
  • 4 Enemy Combat A.I.
  • Scratch-Made Solo Game!


Zombie Cruise, Pixel Man, Tanks Very Much (2020)

I made these three games from scratch in C++.

I have a lot of experience making games from scratch in various languages, and since mastering C#, and hearing of Epic's Unreal Engine change from UnrealScript to C++, learning C++ became my mission. I worked with engineering friends who encouraged me and pointed me in the right direction.

I made Zombie Cruise, an old idea for a story-based dynamic game (fire on the boat!), in a game jam style: 32-bytes and 32 hours. I made Pixel Man, a straightforward 2D shooter, with zombies. And then made an ambitious top-down tank battle game with a custom particle system and procedural endless terrain (with four 'seasons'). I did it!
  • Zombie Cruise: Dynamic Story Adventure
  • Pixel Man & Tanks: SFML Library
  • Tanks: Scratch Particle System
  • Tanks: Scratch Procedural Terrain
  • Scratch-Made C++ Games!


Arcanum (2020)

I built level design portions, coordinated this team's level design work, developed all the level and player mechanics, and taught best design practices at the same time. The most interesting system I developed is the procedurally disintegrating environment that keeps the player moving forward, and rewinds to accommodate checkpoint respawns.

The New York Film Academy, Game Design department offers summer courses for curious high school students. This 4-week course, we made a 2D game in a week, and this 3D action platformer (Portal2-like) in 3 weeks, with a team of eight.
  • Built All Mechanics
  • Quickfire Project (3 weeks)
  • Led Young Design Team
  • A Challenging Think Piece!


Enlighten (2016)

I built all player mechanics, puzzle systems, cinematics, level lighting, visual effects and sound designs.

At NYFA, students are grouped together to make a game in 15 weeks, each semester. This first semester I taught this course, we had only one student. I was happy to partner with the concept he brought up, and we cranked out a large detailed puzzle platformer.
  • Built All Mechanics
  • 4-Level Puzzle Platformer
  • All VFX and Sound Design
  • All Character Animation
  • Tiny Design Team (2+)!


STRIVE (2013)

I designed 4 large detailed levels with episodic NPC interactions, developed a full prototype toolkit (later sold on Unity Asset Store as The Adventure Toolkit), and led the overall design for teams who put this large project together.

USC ICT partnered with U.S. Marines to develop a trainer for combat-level stress resilience. To do this, we had to develop a highly immersive game experience plus cinematics, with characters in your squad you got to know, intense stress-inducing sequences, and realistic environments, right down to the specific bird song of Afghanistan. Early builds were in Unreal with C++, we switched to Unity and C#.
  • Built All Mechanics
  • 4-Episode Story-Based Adventure
  • Large Teams, Big Budget, Long Timeline
  • Oculus VR Prototype
  • Developed Prototype Toolkit!



I designed VR interactions and UX for the clinician controls in this system, as well as supportive Art Direction, Level Design and Systems Design.

USC Institute for Creative Technologies partnered with U.S. Marines, and other branches to develop this immersive open-world game system for clinicians to lead veterans suffering PTSD through exposure therapy. To do this, our simulation had to seem real to those who served in Iraq & Afghanistan. Early builds were in Unreal with C++, we switched to Unity and C#.
  • Combat Theater Dynamics
  • Big Realistic Open-World
  • Large Team, Big Budget
  • Supports Recovering PTSD!


Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Sonic The Hedgehog (2008)

I led a team of third-party developers on two action launch titles in my very first professional Game Designer role. I designed all combat, controls, levels, level dynamics, A.I. and economies.

We worked with Sega and LucasArts to stay faithful to cannon for their IP while launching for this handheld console, the Leapfrog Didj. The result was the Editor's Choice Award (2008) in Children's Technology Review for Star Wars.
  • Simultaneous Launch Titles
  • Children's Choice Award (Star Wars)
  • Hand-Held Console (like Nintendo DS)
  • High Profile IP (LucasArts & Sega)
  • Lightsaber Combat + Force Powers!


Unreal Engine Maps and Mods (2006)

I designed multiple single-player and multiplayer 3D FPS levels in Unreal, before I became a professional game designer (still working as an animator at AAA studios), and I developed a highly-rated game mod Old Skool Monsta Toolz (9.5 on ModDB).

I wrote all code in OSMT, which changes this multiplayer game into story-based adventures with puzzles, traps and monsters. OSMT includes 20+ drag-and-drop enemies with custom A.I. using the original Unreal game monster models and animations.
  • 5 SP and MP Level Designs
  • Gameplay Mod w/ 20+ Combat A.I.s
  • UT2004, UE2.X + UnrealScript
  • Old Skool Solo + Co-Op Gameplay!


About Me

I am an entertainment professional; first working in feature animation AAA studios like Warner Bros and Dreamworks, then as a game designer focusing on systems.

Designers communicate across disciplines, and I speak fluent Artist, Animator, Writer, Programmer and Producer. I practice serious creativity and playful rigor.

Fav Designs: Procedural systems, Player mechanics, Combat A.I., Narrative design, Combat encounters, Creature designs and Level design dynamics.

Fav Games: Story-based, first-person, tactical / strategic gameplay. Lately, VALORANT. Also, Skyrim, Dishonored, Portal, Resistance, Spider-Man, Last of Us, Half-Life...
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